Makeup by Jankail Adams

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my story

Professional makeup Artist

I have always had a passion for all things makeup. With more than 10 years of experience, I have the skill and trained eye to make the beauty inspiration of your dreams come to life.

The one question I'm always asked is, "how long have you been doing makeup?"  The short answer:  I started my business in July of 2012.  But if you sit in my chair long enough, you'll hear a story about my first real memory of makeup.  I was in the 6th Grade, and our class was preparing for a talent showcase.  At the end of the show, all of the 6th graders were to come together and perform a dance routine to Michael Jackson's, "Thriller."  Here I was, 11 years old, turning all my friends into Zombies.  This is where my passion was birthed.

When I'm not with a client, you can typically find me in one of two places:  the gym or the kitchen.  My husband Bernard and I have really cool (and polar opposite) boys.  I love to cook with my oldest son Elijah, who aspires to be a Chef one day.  And my youngest son, Josiah, keeps me strong and active since he loves the outdoors.   So yes, I'm the only girl in the house...and I love it!  My greatest pride is knowing that all three of my guys always put the toilet seat down!  (LOL)  It's the little things.

Education is key in the business of makeup and skincare.  I have learned from some of the powerhouses in Makeup, like Sam Fine, Sheika Dailey, and Sonia Rodriguez.  Having studied under some of the most sought after Artists in the industry, my passion derives from wanting to make women feel their most stunning; every client is special. 

My team is focused on delivering a top-notch service that is hard to come by in this industry.  I eloped, and consider myself fortunate to experience the beauty of weddings almost weekly.  My goal is to enhance what you already bring to the table, and protect your vision. It's important to me that you are present for as much of your day as possible.  From buckling shoes to lacing up corsets, or pinning on boutonnieres, my single-most desire is to make you feel supremely special and cared for on your day.  

One thing this business has taught me is that, "it's never too late to become what you should have been."  The birth of my business was originally a gift to myself, and a reminder to others to pursue what they love.  My hope is that my clients receive this gift of makeup in such a way that it changes them, from the inside out.  

Makeup is my art.  Beauty is my passion.